atelier 08

“Art is what makes life more interesting than art” Filliou. It is what sends you back to life with renewed eyes, blood and energies.

Born among the bunch of children of Swiss parents. Childhood in Palo Alto, California, at the age of 10, move to Switzerland.

Since the early teens, creation and several exhibitions of jewelery, “sculptures to wear”.

Evolution towards work with inks, later oil and acrylic. Since age 15, privileged contact and teaching with the artist-painter Raymond Perrenoud.


Qualified MD (Universities of Lausanne and Zürich), specialization in medical genetics. Work in hospital clinics (Bern and Geneva Universities) in the field of genetic diseases, often severe, often inherited pathologies, with very limited therapeutic possibilities at the present time despite human genome sequencing and considerable progress in molecular biology. A field where human values and ethical dilemmas are a daily topic, the “technically possible” often questionning both, making choices is a daily challenge for all involved.

For many years, art was for few, almost stolen moments, a peaceful and beneficial, sometimes intense constant , sometimes a kind of internal emergency, a river dreaming of its sea. Then a physical illness, providing even more love for life and also its share of mystery.

Confronted with the impossibility to continue in such an intense job, the obvious stands out, concentrate on the other passion. Almost immediately, drawing, acrylic and oil on canvas take over. Another world, but one where what one has become vibrates, underlies, sharpens awareness, a sounding board where echo the world, impressions, questions, concepts, and also emotions, dreams, revolt, colors and shapes … an internal world that wants to be born and blossom.

The river has found its sea. Be it medicine or art, the priority is always the same, feel alive and celebrate life, interact, love, look out for a better world … and if not finding perfect wisdom, to come in time to perceive and surrender to the greater mystery!

Studio and home in Lausanne. Switzerland.


  • Portfolio Monica Forrer on
  • 2017 Oct-November. Midnightsun Gallery, Morges. Switzerland.
  • 2014 Jan-July. Hôtel du Port, Lausanne-Ouchy. Switzerland.
  • 2013 Dec-2014 July. Dikker&Thijs Art Gallery. Prinsengracht. Amsterdam. Netherlands.
  • 2013 Arpsgallery. Arubastraat 1. Amsterdam. Netherlands.
  • 2010 Galerie Nelly L’Eplattenier, Flon. Lausanne. Switzerland.
  • 2010 Galerie Grange de Jouxtens, Lausanne. Switzerland.

Until 2004 Medical doctor, specialized in Medical Genetics, University Hospitals Bern and Geneva.

Sculptures to wear:

  • 1991 Galerie Florimont, Lausanne. Switzerland.
  • 1990 Galerie de la Cathédrale, Fribourg. Switzerland.
  • 1989 Galerie de l’Orangerie, Neuchâtel. Switzerland.
  • 1989 Galerie Florimont, Lausanne. Switzerland.
  • 1988 Kornhaus, collective, Bern. Switzerland.